" If you KNEW what Passive Income Could Do For Your Life, You'd Run Through a Brick Wall to Get It.

The Impact Dad (Presence Over Presents)

The Impact Dad 
(Presence Over Presents)

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Coaching and Speaking

Work with Aaron (Passive Income Coaching)

Work with Aaron
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Aaron Vincent James
Aaron James is the love-it or leave-it, straight talking serial entrepreneur, speaker, author and coach. Over the years, he's built profitable passive income systems in trading, real estate (Airbnb), in entertainment (for DJs) and even network marketing. In 2017, he founded an online community called Impact Dads that caters to helping dads execute passive income strategies so they can be home more often with their families. 

Mr. James resides in Denver, CO with his wife and son. 

cheat codes
cheat codes
are for winners.
are for winners.
"I've always been temporarily motivated to be permanently lazy."

I heard that said one time by a charismatic speaker and to be quite honest, that's the ONLY thing I remember from that day. Most of us are wired to relax at times. But not me. I've altered countless relationships by being a "workaholic". 

I remember exactly where I was the day that I decided that I felt lonely, and that I wanted the sense of belonging with a family of my own. Passive income was my Godsend. Passive income with real estate allowed my wife and I to facilitate a long-distance relationship. Passive income allowed us to stay afloat during our first few years of marriage, despite overwhelming child custody legal fees. Passive income allowed me to focus on our family when we needed it most, and allowed me to still provide financially.

What do you want passive income to help you to accomplish? Whether you're an Impact Dad seeking time freedom to be home with your kids, or you're needing extra money for a downpayment on a house, what I want you to know is that this is TRULY about working smarter and not harder. There are systems here to guide you to your destiny. Are you ready for this?  
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